Cliffs Of Moher

The Kerry Boys - KB3
written by Pierce Campbell/Twelfth Octave Music


The ice-cold sea buffets the cliff side, 200 feet down in the mist I sit here thinking about her, And the life together that we missed Exactly one year ago to this day A strong wind was blowin’ up from the bay One miss step and I saw in her eyes We had just a moment to say our good-bye Not a day passes I don’t long for her touch The anguish and guilt sometimes are too much I ask the wind what her loss was for But there is no answer, here at the Cliffs of Moor Eternity in a slit second, Her hand lightly brushed my fingertips I should have reacted must faster, With this I still can’t come to grips One little step is all it would take To put it behind me, this terrible ache But she would not want me to follow her down Into the water where her memory would drown So I’ll come to these cliffs every morning ‘Till the day I am called to her side Her ghost in the wind swirls around me She sings to me on the morning tide Here at the Cliffs of Moor, Here at the Cliffs of Moor Here at the Cliffs of Moor, Here at the Cliffs of Moor