Whiskey in the Jar

The Kerry Boys - Live In the Studio


As I was going over, the far famed Kerry Mountains I met with Captain Farrel, and his money he was countin' I frst produced me pistol, and then produced me rapier Sayin' stand and deliver, for you are my bold deciever Chorus With you whack fol the diddley oh, whack for the diddly oh Whack forl the diddly oh, there's whiskey in the jar Icounted out me money, and it made a pretty penny I put it in me pocket, and I gave it to me Jenny She sighed and she swore, that she never would decieve me But the Devil take the women, for they never can b easy I went to me chamber, for to take a slumber I deamt of golden jewels, and sure it was no wonder For Jenny took me charges and she filled them up with water And she sent for Captain Farrel, to be ready for the slaughter T'was early in the morning, before I rose to travel The guards were all around me, and likewise Captain Farrell I then produced me pistol, ,for she stole away me rapier But I couldn't shoot the water, So a prisoner I was taken If anyone can help me, it's me brother in the army I think that he is stationed in Cork, or in Killarney And if he comes and joins me, we'll go rovin in Killarney I swear he'd treat me better, than my darlin' sportin' Jenny